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Ignite is our Tigerpaw automation package designed to streamline processes, or restrict use of Tigerpaw in ways that don't compliy with company policy or procedure. Purchase of Ignite through our online store includes 1 year of support. For more information see our Ignite product page where the manual is also available for detailed information.

Automatic GL Code Assignments

Specify your Cost & Income GL Codes on Service Order Parts Used with granular precision. We found many companies were going to great lengths to apply these GL codes to get the data they needed. Save hours each month or start applying your codes more precisely. 

Two methods of specifying your Cost & Income GL Codes with Ignite:

  • For each combination of SO Type, Service Zone and Item Type specify a Cost & Income GL Code
  • For each Item Category and Subcategory specify a Cost & Income GL Code

Automatic EZ Bill

Automatic the EZ Billing of service orders when they move to a closed status. This action can be filtered by SO Type. Less button-clicking makes everyone happier.

Inventory Location Min-Max

Specify an item's optimal on-hand quantity for each inventory location with this module. Then use our Inventory Min-Max Variance report to find out which items need to be orderd, and which items could be redistributed. We like using this report to track inventory on a technician's vehicle: Joe always seems to too many hoard cogs, and we no longer waste travel time driving back to the office to pickup a widget when one should have been on board.

Automatic Rep Assignment to Service Orders

Instantly assign the rep on a service order as it passes through statuses. Was the status changed to "Waiting on Parts"? Assign to the warehouse manager. "Dispatch" goes to the dispatcher for manual technician assignment. Finally, assign to billing personnel by marking the status done.

Immediate Credit Hold

Put all newly created Tigerpaw accounts on credit hold to establish a line of credit before servicing.

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