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Our Tigerpaw to QuickBooks accounting link automates and ehnances the transfer of accounting-related data from Tigerpaw to QuickBooks. By using QBTrak you can eliminate the manual batching process in the following areas:

  • Customer Export and Modification
  • Invoice Export
  • General Ledger Export
  • Payment Integration

Additionally, QBTrak adds value by going beyond anything available with manual batching alone:

  • Automated Credit Hold - Flag Tigerpaw accounts for credit hold based on QuickBook's AR Aging Report
  • Purchase Order Export - Create PO's in QuickBooks and write vendor bills based on inventory received in Tigerpaw
  • Time Sheet Export - Convert approved Tigerpaw time logs to QuickBook's time sheet entries

Here are some more benefits that QBTrak has to offer:

  • No more Single/Multi User Mode - To manually batch, everyone must log out of QuickBooks so the admin can log in under single-user mode. This means idle employees until QuickBooks is returned to multiuser mode.
  • Precise Error Messages - If there's a problem, QBTrak provicdes precise error messages to help in diagnosing and correcting a problem quickly. Errors produced when manually batching are vague and unhelpful. Fixing a problem with an manual import often means falling back to double-entry or opening and modifying the .IIF file: a risky endeavor. 
  • Continue Exporting - If an error is encountered QBTrak continues exporting other transactions. The problematic transaction is put on hold until you're ready to address the issue. Nothing is lost, each export is accounted for. 

More information can be found on the QBTrak product page. Purchase price of QBTrak through our online store includes 1 year of support.

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